How to connect an external wallet to the INNO Platform?

Guidance for linking external wallet

Once you link your wallet to an INNO ID, this wallet CAN NOT be linked to another INNO ID. Also, if you have linked your wallet, please be aware that it can only be unlinked after 24 HOURS. This is a security measure put in place to ensure the safety of your assets and accounts.

  1. Choose the external wallet you prefer to link

*Sui doesn't provide a mobile wallet.

  1. Click the "Connect Wallet" button

3.1 Agree to an agreement transferring INNO Wallet's assets to an external wallet.

  • For INNO Wallet users, once you connect your external wallet, your assets in INNO Wallet will be moved to each network on Ethereum and Polygon.

  1. Click Confirm

LumiWave doesn't offer an automatic network switch. If your assets aren't appearing on My Page, please ensure to check your Metamask or Sui wallet's network settings to switch to the correct network.

If you'd like to link a different external wallet, start by unlinking the currently connected wallet. Once it's unlinked, you'll be able to proceed with linking the new wallet of your choice.

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