Introduction of a new wallet system.

ONBUFF's wallet system has undergone a significant transformation to cater to a more extensive user base and align with global crypto goals. We've introduced a significant change for decentralization by linking INNO ID to external wallets like SUI and MetaMask.

Unlike before, when a wallet was automatically created with the creation of an INNO ID, now you have to create an external wallet and link your INNO ID to it. Of course, the benefits are substantial. Unlike the previous process of swapping and transferring points multiple times, this new approach significantly reduces the transfer process and gas fees.

Sign in to the INNO platform and proceed to link your INNO ID to the various games available on the platform, such as Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT and Little Legions NFT. This step mirrors the process followed in the previous version of the INNO platform. Once completed, you can then proceed to link your external wallets, such as the Metamask wallet and the Sui wallet. ONBUFF supports three primary networks: the Sui wallet's Sui main net, the Metamask wallet's Ethereum main net, and the Polygon main net. Connecting these external wallets will enable seamless interaction and transactions across these networks within the ONBUFF ecosystem.

Wallet Guide:

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